Pre-planned & pre-paid funerals

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How do you want to be remembered?

We understand how families tick. If you’re the head of your family then you’ve probably spent your entire life trying to make all those difficult decisions so the rest of your loved ones didn’t have to. And we know most mums make it their life’s work to do everything for everyone. That’s why we’d like to talk to you about planning your funeral with us. Together we can make sure you’ve done all the hard work and made all the difficult decisions for them, just as you always have.

First of all you need to decide if you’d like to talk to us about pre-planned or pre-paid funerals. Either one will allow you to plan (right down to the tiniest detail) exactly how you’d like to be remembered.

Pre-planned funerals

A pre-planned funeral allows you to plan a funeral in advance, without having to pay for it until the funeral takes place. Many people find this is an option that allows them to have the peace of mind that they’ll get their exact wishes without incurring the expense of a funeral at this time.

With a pre-planned funeral, we can discuss as much or as little as you wish. You may want to discuss which crematorium you would like to use, or which cemetery you wish to be buried in. You may want to discuss which minister to use, what a newspaper notice is to say and what flowers are to be ordered. Alternatively, you may just want to give us some basic details and let your family or friends take care of the other arrangements at the time.

Whatever you feel comfortable with, we would be pleased to discuss arrangements for a pre-planned funeral with you. Simply arrange to meet with one of our funeral directors either at one of our offices or in your own home.

Pre-payment funerals

Thinking about your own funeral is never an easy thing to do but planning ahead can bring real peace of mind and financial security. A Jacob Conroy & Son pre-payment funeral plan is a practical, financially sensible and thoughtful step to take and offers you several benefits:

Peace Of Mind - By taking care of things now, your family will not have the difficulty of having to second guess your wishes at a particularly emotional time.

Financial Guarantees - A Jacob Conroy & Son pre-payment funeral plan can help to ease the financial burden for you and your loved ones. Paying for your funeral plan in advance enables you to fix the funeral director’s costs at today’s prices. Once you have purchased your plan, all of the funeral director’s costs are guaranteed to be paid.

Flexibility - Our flexible plans enable you to arrange your funeral to be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. You can also add to or amend the plan at any time should your wishes change.

Guaranteed acceptance - Anyone can take out a Jacob Conroy & Son pre-paid funeral plan. There is no upper age limit and no medical questions or examinations required. Everyone will be accepted for this plan.

Quality assured - Jacob Conroy & Son pre-payment funeral plans are provided by us through Golden Charter Funeral Plans and promise to give you peace of mind and financial security. Golden Charter Funeral Plans are the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider and is recommended by The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). The plans are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. All payments are placed in Golden Charter Trust which is a separate entity, run by a Board of Independent Trustees, whose sole purpose is to manage the Trust funds.

Want to start planning?

If what you’ve read has made you want to plan your funeral, we’re pleased to answer every question that you may have; personalise a plan to your exact wishes and put your mind completely at rest that you’re making the right decision.

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